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 In the world of watches, watches made before the 1970s are classified as vintage watches,

especially those that are more than 100 years old.

Those that have passed are called antique watches. In addition, the balance has a frequency

of 21,600 vibrations/hour. The following are called LOW BEAT.

With the advancement of technology, the high vibration and high precision movement called

HIGH BEAT has become very popular.

On the other hand, the robust LOW BEAT also has a strong fan base.exists.

We were fascinated by LOW BEAT vintage watches with powerful vibrations,

from the younger generation who can no longer wear a watch, to the senior generation who

likes mechanics, we want to convey the charm of vintage watch design, and this time we want

to  release easy to use 6 types of 40's style neo-vintage self-winding watches.

Microbrand neo-vintage watches
Watches that go well with old clothes

★ Real vintage watch
is no longer within reach


Real vintage watches are now hoarded in safes by collectors as a product whose asset value continues to rise. Also, because it is a vintage item, it cannot be used easily on a daily basis.

ARC & Co. was particular about reproducing the beauty of the 40's universal design, including the bracelet, with an automatic movement.


Our project has been on crowdfunding !

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Neo-vintage watches and vintage goods
ARC &ネオヴィンテージ時計 ブレスレットFBR01
ARC & Co. ネオヴィンテージ時計のブレスレット
ARC & Co. Neo Vintage Watch 6 Models

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